A Cup of Water

September 27, 2001, Memorial Hospital

As the sun rose over the East River out my hospital room window this morning, I began this new day--this new life--by drinking a cup of water. It was the first drink I've taken in nine days. From this day forward, I begin the process of learning to eat without a stomach.

It seems so obvious that that journey should begin with a drink of water. And yet we forget sometimes what a miracle water is--how spiritual an activity it is just to take one sip. The Chinese have a saying, "When you drink water, remember the source." I certainly did today.

Throughout my regimen of chemotherapy, nothing tasted so good to me as a tall glass of water--no ice, not too cold, just straight from the tap. With each gulp, I felt as though I were drinking the very essence of life.

Water is life. And life is good.