Giving Thanks

November 22, 2001

After several weeks of silence, facing the day to day challenges of recovering from cancer surgery (alas, it has been slow going), I feel compelled to say something special for Thanksgiving. Yet zen asks that we treat this day exactly the opposite: as nothing special. Everyday is a day for giving thanks, zen says; it's up to us to live our lives that way.

Morning, noon, and night, I'm humbled by the love around me, not only from family and friends, but from complete strangers who daily offer their prayers and encouragement for my health. Cancer has only shown a brighter light on the blessings I have in my life--so many I can't believe how lucky I am. These days I find I can't say thank you enough.

Tonight, as I gather with family and friends in gratitude for life's myriad gifts, I bow my head again for all that I've received, hoping that in some small way those blessings might flow through me out to others.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May the gratitude we feel this day carry forward through every day.

Thank you.