Guiding Principle: First, It Has to Be a Labor of Love

Fund Raiser

To make the Zen Guitar Plan a reality, the Zen Guitar Dojo needs money. How much, and how to get it, is where we start. Perhaps you are, or know of, a benefactor who would support this idea (Paul Allen?). Perhaps you are a media concern looking for partnerships with a content provider (AOL Time/Warner?). Perhaps you are a corporation looking for sponsorship opportunities to showcase new technologies (Sony?). Perhaps you are a fund-raiser with knowledge of how to raise capital for this kind of project, in a way that benefits you finanially as well. Or perhaps this idea best funded through grants. If you know of significant grant sources for which ZG would qualify, please suggest them. The Zen Guitar Dojo is willing to entertain any reasonable ideas for financing.

Brand Manager

Someone to grow the ZG brand through licensing deals, new product development, etc. Ideas include ZG custom guitars, ZG logo clothing for musicians/artists, guitar accessories, calendars, date books--you get the idea. If you see where this brand can go and know how to cut a deal, let me know.


Someone who believes in the work of Zen Guitar and the "One Sound One Song" project and is willing to promote it (together with the author) to various media outlets--television, magazines, cable, radio, Internet. To be frank, the cancer angle comes into play here as well, adding a human interest element to the story. Propose your compensation.

Foreign translaters

People willing to spread Zen Guitar in other languages via foreign editions, foreign websites, and staging local Zen Guitar events.

Booking agent

Someone to book the Zen Guitar Band for live performances.

Recording studio/Producer/Engineer

Someone with a professional recording studio willing to capture the Zen Guitar Band and make a killer record.

Server-space provider

Someone with lots of server space free to store Zen Guitar uploads (large music and video files).


Someone to help transfer hours and hours of tape to digital form and upload it onto a server.

Screen saver

Someone to convert Sign on the Wall of the Zen Guitar Dojo into a series of computer screen savers.