Internet Revenue Opportunities

There are five primary ways that ZG can generate revenue on the Internet:

1. Sell goods.

2. Sell services.

3. Link people.

4. Offer unique, valuable content.

5. Deliver eyeballs for advertising.

1. Selling goods. As stated above, the ZG Dojo Store will sell books, CDs, videos, posters, clothing, logo merchandise. Other possibilities include custom guitars, guitar accessories, and items in keeping with the quality and spirit of Zen Guitar.

2. Selling services. This area will grow as the bandwidth permits. ZG will offer real-time interactive lessons, stage live performances, and organize real-time jam sessions, with people paying a fee to get those services.

3. Linking people. ZG will act as "taste arbiter," acting as intermediary, assembling a roster of instructors, say, and receiving a referral fee for linking them to students, or collecting commissions on sales by other vendors recommended by ZG.

4. Offering unique, valuable content. Much of that content comes from the author's writing and the "One Sound One Song" concept. ZG will also offer music by other members of the Dojo, perhaps through micropayment fees for downloading certain tracks, or a subscription/membership fee whereby members pick and choose what they want to download, or ZG sends its weekly picks/tracks, etc.

5. Delivering eyeballs for advertising. Self-explanatory.