The Zen Guitar Project is the art-music project of dojo founder Philip Toshio Sudo. It was from this musical endeavor that the Zen Guitar concept was born.

Personnel: The project consists of Psudo on electric guitar and effects, Salvatore Principato on drums, percussion, and sampler, and Chas Schreier on drums. Bassists vary.

Style: The group plays only one "song" (the composition "One Sound One Song"), repeating and intermixing a series of a dozen instrumental, basic themes. The result is a song that is always the same, and yet never the same. Each composition grows organically and can vary in length from a few minutes to a few hours. (Zen Guitar performances at the New York City Marathon, for example, run the duration of the entire race.) The themes remain constant, but the tempo and mood change according to the moment. The openness of the format allows mistakes and random noises/samples to be incorporated into the composition as they happen. (See also the Zen Guitar Method.)

(Please note: The ZG Project is not the "definitive sound" of the Zen Guitar philosophy. It is simply one sound among many, and, understandably, there will be listeners to whom the sound does not appeal. Do not allow the sound of the music to color your perception of the Zen Guitar philosophy. The music is for those select few who like it, but the philosophy applies to everyone, regardless of one's taste or abilities in music.)

Artistic statement: Enter by form, Exit from form

Album: One Sound, One Song

Live/Booking: The Zen Guitar Project welcomes live performance dates around the world at outdoor festivals, clubs, street fairs, city squares and parks. Contact Psudo at (subject heading: ZG Project) for booking information.