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Hear an online interview with the author via the website AnnOnline:

An hour-long radio interview with the author is available through
New Dimensions Radio Network. (Search under "Guest" for Sudo)


Read interviews with the author in:

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin

The Honolulu Advertiser

The Maui News



USA Today

Excerpt: "As a beginning student of both Zen and guitar, I picked up Zen Guitar with great interest. Perhaps the book would help my playing, offer a more spiritual perspective on music-making or at least give my practicing -- rather lackluster of late -- a jump-start. Zen Guitar did all that and more . . . " (click here to read the entire review)

Publisher's Weekly

Excerpt: "A charming book that combines the mastery of the guitar with the mastery of Zen . . . Cohesive and insightful." (click here to read the entire review)

The Albuquerque Journal

Excerpt: "It would be tempting to call this a philosophy of guitar playing, but . . . it's more than that. It's all about putting one's understanding into practice, moment by moment." (click here to read the entire review)

City Pages, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Excerpt: "A loose study course that draws as much from Buddhist spirituality and martial arts as from Guitar Player magazine . . . [A]n aesthetic manifesto." (click here to read the entire review)

Zen Unbound

Excerpt: "Almost all books about Zen are of two types: (1) Those written by masters; (2) Books written in the mode of the classic Zen and the Art of Archery where a novice tells us what he has learned. In Zen Guitar, Sudo does something different, far better than I have read before." (click here to read the entire review)

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