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ZC Quote:

The World Wide Web vividly illustrates the idea that we are, indeed, all linked, not only to each other but to the One Great Source as well. For the very root of the word religion, the Latin religio, means 'linking back.' Through the Web, we remind ourselves of religio with every click on every link. 'The many have one essence,' the sages say, 'and the one has many manifestations.' Put another way, every wave is of the ocean, and the ocean produces many waves.

Now surf the Web.

--From Zen Computer, Chapter 7, "Web"

The Zen Guitar Dojo

Our sister site on the Internet, devoted to the spirit and principles of Zen Guitar. Part artists' collective, part radio station, part magazine, part teaching center, all for the One Great Sound.


Mountains & Rivers Order

"In the training program of the Mountains and Rivers Order, the Zen arts are taken up as a powerful and subtle way of realizing the Buddha Way in one's own creative expression. The implicit question, 'What is the self that is expressed in self-expression?' not only addresses the creative process but the ultimate nature of reality itself. Please visit our gallery of the Zen Arts."


New Dimensions Radio

A nationally syndicated network devoted to folks on the "spirituality scene," so to speak. Offers a tremendous library of tapes and program offerings (including program #2624, with yours truly). Check for local airtimes and stations in your area.


The Aikido FAQ

One of the surest routes to understanding zen is throught the martial arts, particularly the art of aikido, or the Way of Love Energy. This site provides an excellent introduction to the ideas of aikido. I hope that, in time, the Zen Computer Dojo is able to build up a solid list of personal anecdotes along the lines of those at


The Jargon File

In researching Zen Computer, I learned quite a bit about computer culture at this site, which offers an intro to the lingo and humor of computer engineers.


Computer Jokes

While looking for computer-specific epigrams I could use in Zen Computer, I came across this site with a number of good lines.


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