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What is the Zen Computer Dojo?

The Zen Computer Dojo is a place on the Internet for anyone who wants to learn and has wisdom to teach. Based on the spirit and principles of the Japanese dojo, it seeks create a participatory community of people willing to help each other learn and, in a broader sense, raise the human spirit in a technological age. Whether you bookmark this site and find it worth returning to again and again depends in large part on how interesting a place you, and we collectively, decide to make it.

 Dojo (calligraphy at right) is a Japanese word usually translated as "school" or "training hall," but literally means "Place of the Way"--the great Way of life that governs the universe. As such, the term has a spiritual connotation. It is through participation in the dojo that one follows the path of self-cultivation.

What makes a dojo special is not its location or physical characteristics, but one's behavior in it. A dojo can be anywhere, even cyberspace. What's essential is a group of participants willing to work in the spirit of self- and mutual respect.

Here we seek to establish a dojo on the Internet--a special place of special people. Who will join and make this dojo what it can be?


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