What You Can Do

Those who feel compelled to help can support the Zen Computer Dojo in a variety of ways. Whatever you have to offer is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your time.



1. Share the link. Pass the name zencomputer.com along to your friends via email or word of mouth; add the link to your website.

2. Buy the book. Buying the Zen Computer book supports the work of the dojo. Purchase it here.

3. Volunteer. The Zen Computer Dojo and its sister site, the Zen Guitar Dojo, need help designing, building, and maintaining their web presence. If you've got server space to offer or computer talent to volunteer, please contact psudo@zencomputer.com (subject heading: Volunteer) with a note about what you can do.

4. Vision. If there's something the dojo is not doing that it should be doing, or some way it can do better, let us know. The dojo is meant to be a living place, to grow and change with the needs of its members.

5. Partnerships. The Zen Computer and Zen Guitar Dojos are looking for mutually benefitial partnerships. If you have venture capital or financial backing to offer and want to explore ways of building the Zen Computer/Zen Guitar Dojo as a multimedia outlet, please contact psudo@zencomputer.com (subject heading: Partnership).

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